We reinvented a classic American charcoal brand,

replacing its picture perfect image with fire,

grit, and handcrafted imperfection.

Logo Overhaul

Handcrafted Typography

Handcrafted Typography

Youtube Dynamic


On YouTube, we found a way to connect with users in a customized way. We created dozens of preroll videos that would be served up based on the user’s search terms. Here’s just a few examples.

Search Results: Fishing

Search Results: Cars

:06 YouTube Dynamic Video – Search Results: Recipes

Facebook Canvas

On Facebook, we created a Canvas that simulates the experience of opening a grill. Once the user is inside, they're served all kinds of grilling inspiration, tips, and recipes. Users can then purchase product through the Canvas.



We partnered with MLB to create a digital activation encouraging families to pass along grilling and baseball to the next generation. This activation allows users to upload video of them grilling and playing baseball in their backyards, and we provide color commentary from one of several hall-of-fame baseball announcers.